Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Family Storms by VC Andrews

When Sasha's mother is killed in a car wreck one rainy night, she is left injured with no one to care for her. Laying in the hospital with broken bones, Sasha is visited by Jordan March. Mrs. March is very wealthy and wants to take Sasha in as a foster child. Then, Sasha finds that Jordan's daughter, Kiera, is the one who was driving the the car that ended her mothers life. As Sasha is put into Mrs. March's dead daughter's room, Kiera is out to make Sasha's life hell.

Oooh I was so hooked on this book. I couldn't put it down!! Great come-back from author V.C. Andrews after the last one I read. So many unsuspected actions happened. It kept me wanting more.

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