Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Okay guys,
So I've been writing lately and I'm a little worried that, once I finish this story, people won't like it. I'm going to post the prologue and I'd like some feedback. Would you read this story, based on the beginning?

It all started when I was 12. My world came crashing down around me when my parents revealed the big surprise—they were vampire hunters. And guess what? 12 years old is just the right time for a girl to learn the trade.
            For years, we traveled around the globe searching for and killing the biggest and baddest vampires of all. Wait. You thought vampires were invincible, live forever, guys right? No. Maybe the sensitive types that sparkle in the sun instead of burn? I mean, come on. I love those movies, haven’t read the books, but vampires. Do. Not. Sparkle.
            Well, okay, they don’t combust into flames in the sun, but for many, it hurts a lot. Some vampires have built up immunity to the sun and can go outside for minimum intervals of time. Those kinds are the most dangerous.
            So how did we kill them, you ask? Beheading? Staking? Set them on fire?
            Holy water.
            Yes. Out of all the myths on how to kill a bloodsucking demon, holy water is the only one that gets the job done. The other methods just tick a vamp off. And you do not want to be on a vampire’s bad side.
            My parents used to buy our water from a guy in France. Then a vampire found out and killed the merchant…and my parents.
            Ever since then, I’ve been trying to track down that vampire and make up for what he did.
            Now, I’m seventeen, and tomorrow is the first day at my new school.


Emily Mah Tippetts said...

I think it's a very strong opening. Not too long, establishes who the main character is and what the conflict is for the book. You'll get a lot of comparisons to Buffy with a teenage vampire slayer going to high school, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything new to say with this premise.

Stephanie Asbridge said...

Thanks for the feedback!

I have never seen Buffy, so....