Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: Daughter of Darkness by VC Andrews

Daughter of Darkness is about a teenagee girl, Lorelei, who is brought up to believe love is poison. She knows that her sisters bring home victims for her father, a vampire, and that her time to deliver is coming soon. But when that time comes, she falls in love with the victim. Shes forced to turn her back on the only life she's ever known in order to save her lovers life.

My opinion: I've got to say I was pretty dissapointed. V.C. Andrews is one of my favorite authors and I was expecting much more. Really, the only reason I knew the book was about vampires was because of the back cover. They only used the word 'vampire' at the very end, and that was only once. I thought "hey, my favorite author+vampire book=epic". Nope. I was wrong. Yes, I would recommend this book though. But you'd be better off reading one of V.C. Andrews earlier stories. Example: "Ruby(Landry Series)", "Heaven(Casteel Series)" or "Melody(Logan Series)".

I doubt there will be a sequel. But if there is, I really hope it's better than this one.

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