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Review: L8r, G8r by Lauren Myracle

Goodreads description: "The third book in Lauren Myracles wildly popular IM series " 
The winsome threesome say l8r to high school in this sequel to the "New York Times" and "Publishers Weekly" bestsellers "ttyl" and "ttfn" 

Through their instant messages, three inseparable friends have shared the ups and downs of high school. Theyve survived a flirtatious teacher, a witchy classmate, a pot-smoking smoocher, a Care Beartoting stalker, and much, much more. Now its their senior year, and Angela, Zoe, and Maddie otherwise know as the winsome threesomeare feeling invincible. Too bad Jana, the Queen Bee who made their sophomore year a nightmare, is on the warpath again. This time she has it out for good girl Zoe, and its up to Maddie and Angela to defend their friend. Not that Zoe, who's deep in love with Doug, seems to notice. A series of pranks escalates, culminating in a senior prom that no one will forget, even if they want to And it will be up to Zoe to finally take action and make sure the power of the winsome threesome prevails.

My thoughts: Ooh ehh, I don’t know what angle to take on this review. On one hand, I loved L8r, G8r. On the other… I saw no point to the story, plus it just wasn’t as great as the others in the series.

There was very little plot line. Basically it was just a day to day recount of these 3 girls’ friendship. To me, they talked about sex and partying too much. But I guess that’s what makes them realistic characters. Still, about 75% of the book revolved around sex. Not saying it’s a bad thing to write about that, but come on. Most of the book?

And then there’s the antagonist. Jana. Ugh. While I hate her, the girls bring it on themselves by constantly trying to get back at her. I just wanted to yell, “You’re freakin seniors. Get. Over. It.” But nope. They kept going back and were upset when Jana did the same thing. One of the characters had a really great quote. Something along the lines of “the best revenge is being happy”. I completely agree. Show them you don’t care what they think, even if you DO care.

This book just wasn’t as awesome as the rest of the series. This series seems to lose my interest as it goes on. I felt like the conversations between the girls got longer as the series progressed. One of the things I was drawn to was the shortness of the conversations which made for convenient stopping points on nearly every page. In L8r, G8r, the conversations were much longer and that annoyed me.

And the grammar! I know, I know. The book is in “instant message language”. Of course the grammar wouldn’t be perfect. Yet again, people don’t type like that! Most teens I know actually spell stuff out and at least capitalize the “I”! It’s unfair of me to complain about this, but if you’re going to write in this style, make it more realistic please.

Now I feel bad, because really I did like this book, but from a reviewers perspective it wasn’t so great. What I suggest is at least giving the first book (TTYL) a try. I know a lot of you participate in readathons regularly. These are super quick books to read, so maybe schedule them in for a day of reading.

Favorite quotes:

Pg. 56

SnowAngel: well OBVIOUSLY i'm not gonna break up with him now! duh!

zoegirl: cuz he gave u a *car*?

SnowAngel: yep

SnowAngel: i mean, what an amazingly generous thing! he's like...oprah!

Pg. 143

SnowAngel: what r u talking about? we're gonna be together FOREVER. u think college is gonna change that?

zoegirl:'s not gonna be the same, no matter how much we want it 2.

SnowAngel: don't SAY that!

SnowAngel: we're gonna be friends when we're 90. we'll grab our walkers and meet at maddie's house for a pole-dancing party. we'll gossip about who died and who got divorced and who's got the biggest wattle. okay???

pg. 190

mad maddie: yes! he frickin got lost 2 blocks from the club! he texted me on my cell, cuz there was a super-loud frat party going on, and i was like, "ok, take a left on pumpkin." then he'd text back and say, "i'm in front of a florist. is this right?" and i'd be, "nooo! your OTHER left, fool!"

mad maddie: i'm standing in front of the restaurant, craning my head looking for him, and i get a text that says, "uh...should i be seeing fireworks?" so i type, "what?! NO, u shouldn't be seeing fireworks! there r no fireworks anywhere NEAR here!" he texts, "u sure? turn around."

zoegirl: oh my gosh! omigosh omigosh omigosh!!!

mad maddie: so i turned around, and there he was. and he kissed me.

Random things I learned from this series:

  1. Googlewhack = going to google, typing in 2 random words, and trying to get only one result. I've gotten very close to this.
  2. There are 9 calories in a tablespoon of semen. This will be imprinted in my brain for-freaking-ever.
  3. Apparently, it takes 8 months for your toenails to go through a full cycle...

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