Thursday, November 1, 2012

Promo Post: Guardians Series by Lola St. Vil

Goodreads:           The Girl | The Fallout | The Turn
 Amazon:             The Girl | The Fallout | The Turn

Hey guys! Here's a sweet deal: Lola St. Vil's series, "Guardians" has a special sale. For a limited time only, you can get each book for only $0.99 a piece. Sound good? 

Here's some info about the books:

After his death,
Marcus found the love of his life...

Unfortunately it's not his sexy, telekinetic angel girlfriend --- it's Emmy Baxter... a human.

Between torture, demon attacks, and midterms, Marcus and Emily must fight their feelings for a devastating prophecy has predicted: "Should Angel and Human unite, humanity will perish

Just because she has wings,
doesn’t mean she’s an Angel…

It's front page news on every Angel gossip rag:
“Marcus & Ameana: Gone The Way Of “Brad & Jennifer.”
So, Who Is The “Angelina?” Emmy Baxter—a mere mortal!”

Ameana tries to avoid her ex and his new love by focusing
on the other evil out to destroy the team. But soon her pain
turns to fury.

And before the end…a girl plots revenge, a leader is on the edge
and an Angel falls.

There. Will. Be. Blood.
After the Council hands down a severe punishment,
A Guardian declares war on the Angel world.

Before the end
Lives will be lost
Love will be tested
And blood WILL flow...

I've loved this series from the start, so I *highly* recommend taking advantage of this deal!

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Elisabeth said...

NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! I do NOT need another irresistible Kindle deal!