Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday (1)


Easy! Just post 5 things that made you happy this week. If you click on the button above, it will direct you to where you can link up.

1. My teacher, Mr. Massey, putting my newspaper on my desk. I was having a really bad, stressful day. I was late to his class (It's ELO, basically study hall). I had to talk to the guidance counselor about my stupid ACT packet thing (hence the stress) and when I got to my class, Massey was like "Oh, I put the paper on your desk." Just something I appreciated since
 a. I read the paper everyday expect weekends
b. It was just a minor break for me
So...thank you Mr. Massey!

2. Happy hour at Sonic. After school one day, my mom asked "Sonic still has happy hour right?" Me: "YESOFCOURSETHEYDOLET'SGO."
So we went and I got a chocolate, vanilla, Dr. Pepper.

3. Hollywood Undead CD at the library. I love HU, and I keep forgetting that our public library has CDs to loan out. But then when I went there last night, I thought about looking and...they had Hollywood Undead's newest CD! Oh yeah. So I checked it out and am currently listening to it :)

4. Krave cereal every morning for breakfast. Need I say more?

5. American Idol last night- Phillip Phillips was saved. If you're following me on Twitter, you know how much I love Phil Phillips.

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