Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cover Analysis (3): Between by Jessica Warman

First and foremost, I am going to point out the swings. I just don’t get them. There was maybe one scene where there were swings. A very minor scene. It looks good on the cover though, I guess.

Is the girl the right choice? Well, she’s skinny. You can see that. That’s basically all you can see of her. Good representation of the anorexic main character, but it doesn’t show how supposedly gorgeous she is supposed to be. I wish the artist would have shown her face instead of her looking down with her hair covering everything.

I love the theme, though. If you really look behind the title, it looks like water, right? And then obviously there’re clouds at the bottom. I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler, since it happens right at the beginning of the story, but Liz dies by drowning. And by setting the model between the water and the clouds, it’s like she is “Between” life and death... trying to move on after dying.

My favorite part of this cover is the title. It’s a simple word, really. “Between”. But the effects placed on the type sticks with the theme. There’s a blurry copy of the “Between” both above and below the bolded title. The bold is BETWEEN the two others. This really proves that I can never become a cover designer because I don’t have that kind of creativity.

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