Sunday, April 15, 2012

In My Mailbox (8)

In My Mailbox is a meme created by The Story Siren where bloggers can talk about which books they have received over the week.

This week I received:

Guys! I got the entire Hunger Games trilogy. PLUS the Tribute guide. Don't judge me here- you know those book orders things from Scholastic we all got in elementary school? Well, my little brother came home with one of those and this was on the front cover. I was actually supposed to get the mocking jay pin with it, but they said they were out of stock at the moment and would send it as soon as they got more. That's okay though! 'Cause as a kind of consolation, they gave me the Tribute Guide for free :D
When my brother came home with the books I was like "This is the best Christmas ever!" In April..yes, I know. And to really show how much I wanted this, I'm admitting that, yes, I did choose to pay for this set instead of paying my phone bill. Oh well. It was well worth it.

Also this week...I got in a super awesome swag pack that I won over at Book Absorption. I tried to take a picture, but my phone's camera is awful quality so I thought I'd spare you all having to look at that. Basically, I got a bunch of bookmarks, some signed, two scented pencils (peppermint, if you were wondering. And apparently they are supposed to help with tests. I've yet to try that out.), and drumroll please..... 
A poster of Gale! *Squee* Okay, I'm so "Team Peeta" but come on! How can you resist Liam Hemsworth?? 

Overall, this was seriously an excellent mail week for me :)

What was in your mailbox this week? I'd love to know!


@MelissaJoLynn_ said...

I only have the first book of this series, but I need to buy Catching Fire and Mockinjay soon. Def need to reread them before the 2nd and 3rd movie. What's the tribute guide? My IMM

Stephanie said...

Okay, I'd say you would definitely be able to enjoy the next two movies without re-reading the books. But I'd recommend you did read them to have a better understanding of what's going on. The Tribute Guide is just..I don't know how to explain. It seems like a play-by-play book of what happens before the Games. Basically it's like a book for people who are "in the capitol".