Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogger Award (2)

This award was given to me by the wonderful blogger at Peek-a-booK!. Thank you so much, by the way :)

2 rules apply when receiving this award:

1. say 7 random things about yourself
2. pass it along to 15 more blogs

Here we go:

1. I am somewhat tri-lingual. I naturally speak English, and then I took two years of Spanish. Currently, I’m trying to teach myself Russian, but I only know a few simple phrases. Next year, I’m taking French.

2. I’m a self-proclaimed genius. Okay, not really. But I am kinda smart. I’ve been in advanced math classes since 7th grade. Right now I’m in pre-calculus/trigonometry and next I’m taking AP Calculus (Yikes!).
3. I have an obsession with strange animals. Example: platypus, narwhal, and ground squirrel. I see ground squirrels around my school all the time. And no, they are not just like regular squirrels!

4. I’m terrible with decision making. Seriously. If I’m forced to make a decision I’ll have an inner panic attack and just pick the first thing I can think of.

5. I think bats are really cute. Don’t judge me, okay?

6. I. Love. Twilight. Look, I know it’s kind of a sucky movie. But that doesn’t matter. I loved the book, it’s actually what got me started reading YA. When the movie came out on DVD I watched it everyday after school for at least a month. And just this past weekend I watched it twice. I’m sure I’ve seen Twilight about 100 times.

7. I dye my hair. A lot. I really need to stop. Right now it is red, but it’s fading and you can see my blonde roots. It’s just so…ugh. My mom says I should dye it brown this time, but I think I should just let it fade. Pretty sure my hair is dead by now.

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