Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cover Analysis (1)

Cover Analysis is a meme inspired by Monica here where I’m going to just basically post my thoughts on a cover.

I love the picture of Raven. It looks like something a real goth girl would look like- dark makeup, dark clothes, dark hair. OH! And can I just say those striped tights are amazing? Emilie Autumn would be proud xD

I think the bat stamp on her hand is to symbolize how Raven goes to this club called “The Coffin Club”. I guess sometimes clubs will stamp someone’s hand when they go in, and well The Coffin Club seems like the place to have bat stamps.

The coffin is interesting. The way it’s propped up like that makes it seem as if it is in a mortuary at the moment. I’m unsure of the location, though. I presume it’s Alexander’s room, but with the stairs in the background, it makes me think it’s in a hallway. Hmm…. Then there’s the stickers on the side of the coffin. I have no clue what half of them are, but you can tell the coffin has been personalized.

The paper on the wall was also on the cover of the first book- Vampire Kisses. It was smaller then, and in Raven’s hand. I never really noticed it was also in this cover. It looks more like a poster than a note(as it was in the first cover). Or maybe a painting, since Alexander is an artist. I just realized, though, that what makes the most sense is if it was a movie poster. Kissing Coffins is a movie referenced throughout the entire book, and with the words placed on the paper like that, it could be hinting at it being a movie poster.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the lamp. It’s fashioned as an old, antique candle-holder. But instead of candles, there are light bulbs to symbolize how Alexander lives in this old house, it a modern world. 

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