Friday, July 27, 2012

Review; Guardians: The Fallout by Lola St. Vil

Goodreads description:
Just because she has wings,
doesn’t mean she’s an Angel…

It's front page news on every Angel gossip rag:
“Marcus & Ameana: Gone The Way Of “Brad & Jennifer.”
So, Who Is The “Angelina?” Emmy Baxter—a mere mortal!”

Ameana tries to avoid her ex and his new love by focusing
on the other evil out to destroy the team. But soon her pain
turns to fury.

And before the end…a girl plots revenge, a leader is on the edge
and an Angel falls.

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Originality: Again, I have to say that this series is very original. I am loving seeing the human side of angels. They aren’t so perfect as they’re made out to be, and they are as vulnerable as humans in these books. I really like that. It’s nice to somewhat relate to a holy being. ;)

Characters: In The Fallout, you get more information about many of the characters, and in these cases, it makes you love them even more. There was a character in the first book that I didn’t really like a certain character and now I sort of, kind of, like them a little bit. They aren’t exactly nice but you can see why they act that way.

I’m still a fan of Emmy, the main character. She’s just so…normal. Okay, well, except for the fact that she’s in love with an angel and plays a crucial part in stopping the end of the world. If this was a book about, you know, human problems, I’m sure I would relate to her perfectly. She’s not extraordinary, a complete book worm, falls for the guy she can’t have. All these make her so lovable.

Content: I never really like “end of the world” stuff. But in this book? I am so hooked. It seems as if Good and Evil are playing a game of hide and seek- looking for clues to prevent humanity from being destroyed. It’s a unique perspective on a clichéd idea.

Setting: Basically, The Fallout is still set in present day New York, just like its prequel, The Girl. However, again like the prequel, the characters travel to other parts of the world. I personally don’t get a feel for the location as a part of the world, but if they are in a building or small area, I can picture it just as if I were there.

Overall enjoyment: This is a book that will leave your jaw dropped. I’m eagerly awaiting book 3 and am absolutely looking forward to learning more about some of my favorite characters. *cough* the twins *cough*. I want to know more about their lives, before and during the mission to save the world. Lola St. Vil has such an amazing talent that needs to be noticed!

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