Friday, December 21, 2012

Fanged Mania (3)

To join in, copy and paste these rules and the above banner into your Fanged Mania post and add your link to this week’s Fanged Mania post at Elisabeth Wheatley’s Blog. Fanged Mania is a Friday meme counting down to the release of Fanged Princess and displaying all things vampire and awesome. Fanged Mania posts can be a review of a vampire book, a quote from the latest Vampire Diaries episode, a showcase of a cool vampire book’s cover, or whatever you like so long as it is vampire related. Don’t forget, participants will be entered in the drawing to win a fanged-abulous prize pack!

This week I thought I'd do something showcasing different vampire cliches (:

The sun is a common vampire killer! In Vampire Academy, Strigoi die in the sun and Moroi are weakened. Dhampirs, however, enjoy the sun. What about Twilight though? We all know what sun does to those vampires ;)

Garlic is mostly prelavent amongst classic vampire stories. But in Vampire Kisses, all the vampires are "allergic" to garlic!
Stakes are other common ways to kill vampires. In Vampire Academy, the Dhampirs use magic stakes to kill the Strigoi.
Holy water isn't used as much in young adult these days, but in Evernight the vampires can't touch the stuff!

Churches are sometimes used in books to ward off vampires. Like in Vampire Academy, Strigoi can't enter a church...but they can burn a church...
Mirrors, reflections mainly, are a big deal in Vampire Kisses. In that series, vampire can't be reflected! No mirrors, no pictures....but it's okay since Alexander can just paint everyone!

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Elisabeth said...

I guess Holy Water has gone out of vogue because it implies vampires are evil. And we don't want them ALL to be bad...